An application form for the acquisition of a web qualified digital certificate (hereinafter: certificate) for employees of foreign business entities (hereinafter: organisations) shall be completed by the responsible person of the organisation and one or more1 future certificate holders for whom the organisation wishes to acquire a certificate for the performance of work for the organisation. The responsible person of the organisation or the person authorised by the responsible person on his or her behalf (hereinafter: authorised person) shall submit the completed application form in person to the registration authority by presenting an identification document2.

Please complete the application form in capital letters; if you need to choose among several possibilities, mark the appropriate answer with X. The certificate contains the following data on the organisation and the holder of the certificate: tax number of the organisation, distinguishing name of the organisation, name and surname of certificate holder, serial number of the certificate, e-mail address, SIGENCA Policy Object Identifier, certificate validity period, name of the issuer, public key and other data according to the currently applicable SIGEN-CA Policy for qualified digital certificates for business entities (hereinafter: SIGEN-CA Policy) publicly available on the SIGEN-CA website. Other personal data will not be used for purposes not otherwise agreed.