Acquiring the Certificate

Future holder will require a personal ID document (personal ID card, passport, driving license, or any other valid personal ID document) and a completed application form for acquiring a web digital certificate. Application form needs to be filled in person at the Registration Authority at Administrative Units.

Activation of the Digital Certificate

Future holder gets the required information no later than in 10 working days. Certificate works with MS Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.


More about activation

Revocation of the Digital Certificate

The holder must request the revocation in case of: compromised private key, risk of potential abuse, change of information within the certificate.

More about revocation

Price list

Web certificates, designed for natural persons, are free of charge.

Legal Basis and SIGEN-CA Policy for Natural Persons

The SIGEN-CA policy is currently available in Slovenian language only.

Trust services of SI-TRUST are compliant with eIDAS regulation and are on the EU Trusted list.