Foreign Business Entities

Qualified digital certificate may be acquired by foreign legal entities.

Request for Digital Certificate

Future holder will require:

  • a personal ID document (personal ID card, passport, driving license, or any other valid personal ID document), 
  • Slovenian tax ID (for business entity and certificate holder) and
  • a completed application form for acquiring a web digital certificate.

Company data in Slovenian tax register should be updated if there were any changes made since last digital certificate acquisition. (e.g. other responsible person, address or name of the company, etc.)

Application form needs to be filled in person at Slovenian embassy or at SI-TRUST headquarters (Trust Service Authority of Slovenia at the Ministry of Public Administration, Tržaška cesta 21, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia).


Activation of the Digital Certificate

Future holder gets the required information no later than in 10 working days. Certificate works with MS Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.


More about activation

Revocation of the Digital Certificate

The holder must request the revocation in case of: compromised private key, risk of potential abuse, change of information within the certificate.


More about revocation

Price list

Digital certificate management services in accordance with the SIGEN-CA Policy shall be calculated on the basis of a concluded contract once a year, at the beginning of January of the previous year, in accordance with the valid price list of the issuer on the day the invoice is issued, unless the parties agree otherwise.

Prices in the table are set according to the price of supplier's equipment, and are subject to change in case of change of supplier's prices.

Type of certificatePaymentPrice w/o VATPrice incl. VAT
Web digital certificate (per unit)* one-off payment
26.23 € 32.00 €

* Digital certificate management services under the Contract between SIGEN-CA and foreign business entity shall be charged on each submission of an appropriate application according to the tariff of the Certification Authority in force on the date the invoice is issued, whereby the costs of using an individual certificate shall be charged for the entire period of its validity.

Local Business Entities

Qualified digital certificate SIGEN-CA for business entities may be acquired by legal entities and natural persons who are registered for an activity in Slovenia.

They may be issued for general titles or may be given to employees on their behalf. Organizations can obtain digital certificates in the form of electronic stamps and certificates for servers and certificates for information systems.

More information about digital certificate SIGEN-CA for business entities in Slovenia is available in Slovenian language only.

Legal Basis and SIGEN-CA Policy for Business Entities

The SIGEN-CA policy is currently available in Slovenian language only.