Digital Certificates SIGEN-CA / SIGOV-CA

For secure electronic communication with national and other portals and applications, you need a digital certificate. With the certificate you can state your identity and sign documents electronically.

Digital Certificates for Natural Persons

SIGEN-CA publishes qualified digital certificates for natural persons. SIGEN-CA digital certificates allow citizens to access electronic services.

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Digital Certificates for Business Entities

Web digital certificate may be obtained by foreign business entities working in Slovenija or local business entities who are registered in Slovenija.  

Certificates can be used for encrypting and decrypting files and directories, usage of Entrust-ready applications and specific application, usage of web application in public administration, exchange of data institutions of public administration, and for services and applications, which are approved and publicly published by SIGEN-CA.

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Digital Certificates for Slovenian Goverment

SIGOV-CA certificates are used by employees within the public administration of Slovenia.

SIGOV-CA is a part of The Slovenian Governmental Certification Authority and functions as a Trusted Third Party since January 2001. Qualified digital certificates issued by SIGOV-CA follow the newest guidelines regarding encryption, and are in accordance with the Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature Act, and published Certification Policies. The purpose, operation and methodology of managing digital certificates, the liability of the Certification Authority and the holders of digital certificates, and security requirements, which need to be fulfilled by the holders, are all defined in the Certification Policy with regard to each type of digital certificates.

 The documentation is available in Slovenian language only.

About Digital Certificates

A digital certificate is a computer record that contains information about the holder (person, institution or server) and its public key. In addition, it contains information about the digital certificate issuer and the period of validity. The owner of a digital certificate needs a private key. Digital certificate is our identity in electronic life.

The Ministry of Public Administration operates the Trust Service Authority of Slovenia (SI-TRUST). SI-TRUST belongs to the root issuer SI-TRUST Root, which issued certificates of issuers SIGOV-CA, SIGEN-CA and SI-PASS-CA.

Types of Digital Certificates

Two issuers of digital certificates SIGEN-CA and SIGOV-CA operate on SI-TRUST. Both offer enterprise qualified and web qualified digital certificates.

Legal basis

The SIGEN-CA policy is currently available in Slovenian language only.