Digital certificate in Firefox can be viewed in menu "Security" ->"Certificates".

They are divided into five groups:

  • Personal, certificates with our names, given to us by different Certification Authorities. In this menu, we can view them, import them to another computer, or make a copy ("Export"), which can be sent to another computer.
  • People - here we store the certificates of those people, to whom we are going to send encrypted mail.
  • Servers - here we collect digital certificates of servers, we are connected to.
  • Authorities - here we collect digital certificates of certificate authorities, we are connected to.
  • Others - here we collect certificates that do not fit in any other categories.


Viewing User's Web Digital Certificates

You can see your digital certificate by clicking "Yours":

You can view the essential data by choosing "View".

Check the data and if you determine that it is incorrect, act in accordance with SIGEN-CA Policy or turn to an authorised person of SIGEN-CA.

We recommend that you make a back-up copy of your certificate in accordance with the recommendations for secure usage. This is done by choosing "Export" from the menu.

Close View of a Digital Certificate

By viewing a web digital certificate with a browser, we can find out the following data from the digital certificate:

  • Name and Surname of the Certificate Holder
  • Serial Number
  • Issuer of the Certificate
  • Validity Period of the Certificate
  • Certificate Fingerprint (according to algorithm MD5)
  • distinguished name (see below).

This data is shown in the Figure below:

Distinguished Name includes data about the holder, his serial number, and place of notification in the structure of the public directory Certificates differ with regard to whom they are intended. In the table below we can find the distinguished name for web digital certificates, issued for natural persons, and for certificates for legal and natural persons, registered for performing activities (organisations):

Type of Web Certificate Distinguished Name
for natural persons cn="ime priimek"%serialNumber="serijska številka", ou=individuals, ou=sigen-ca, o=state-institutions, c=si
for legal and natural persons, registered for performing activities cn="ime priimek"%serialNumber="serijska številka",ou="ime organizacije" - "finančna številka",ou=companies-web,ou=sigen-ca,o=state-institutions,c=si

Viewing SI-TRUST Root

Digital certificate of the issuer SI-TRUST Root can be viewed in the menu "Security" -> "Certificates" ->"Signers".

You will also find other Certification Authorities (Verisign, etc.) here. Choose the desired certificate and check the data on it by clicking "Edit".