1. After clicking “Login” in the application of the service provider, you will be redirected to the SI-PASS system, where you will choose one of the login methods. If you wish to log in with your digital certificate, click “Digital certificate”. 

2. The browser will offer you a list of your digital certificates; choose the one with which you wish to register and click “OK”. 

3. You will be redirected to the page “Login”. If you are not a registered user of the SI-PASS system, click “New user account”. 

4. A new page “Registration” will open up. You need to enter your login information: email address, password, security question and an answer, and security code. Read the Terms of Use and select the box, confirming that you accept the terms of use. Continue by clicking “Confirm”.

5. After successfully entering and confirming the registration information of your user account, a page with further instructions will appear. Close the window by clicking “Close”.

6. You will receive an email for the conformation of the registration of your user account. Click the highlighted text “Click to confirm”.

7. You will be redirected to the page “Continuing registration”. Enter your email address and password, which you have entered upon registering, and click “Continue”.

8. After successfully entering your email address and password, a window appears, notifying you that the registration of your user account was successful. Close the window by clicking “Close”.

9. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

10. After successfully registering your user account, you can continue with the login process in your browser on the page “Login”. Enter your username respectively email address and password, you have entered upon registering.

11. After clicking “Confirm”, the system will begin with the login process and start gathering all information needed for the use of the application of the provider. A window containing personal information which will be transmitted to the provider will open. If you do not wish for this window to come up every time you log in, select “I agree that this information will always be transmitted to the service provider ‘XYZ’”. Click “Confirm” and you will be redirected back to the application of the service provider.