As it is noted in the instructions for secure usage of web certificates, it is advisable to create a back-up copy of your certificate on a external medium (USB key or disc). Below you will find instructions for exporting your certificate into a file: we recommend that, provided you have the means, that you store files with your private key and certificate externally. Keep your medium in a secure place, so that only you have access to it.


To create a back-up copy of your web digital certificate, installed in the certificate store of MS Internet Explorer, you have to:

1. In the menu, choose "Tools" ->"Internet options", and then in the box folder "Content". In the box, we choose "Certificates".

2. We choose folder the "Personal". We mark the certificate, which we wish to back-up.

3. In the greeting box click "Next".

4. Mark "Yes, export private key" and click "Next".

5. Mark "Enable strong protection" and click "Next".

6. In the next box choose the file, where you wish your certificate to be stored. Click "Browse".

7. A dialogue box opens. Define the target location("Save in") - directory, name of file (with ending *.pfx). Then click "Save". Return to the box (from the upper Figure) and click "Next".

8. Click "Finish".

9. Enter the password, with which your certificate is protected and click "OK". (In case your certificate is not protected with a password, this box will not appear).

10. Exporting of certificate into your file is now finished.