For a new SI-PASS account, you need a valid e-mail address that you can access and your mobile phone.

1. Create and manage your SI-PASS account on SI-PASS Authentication and E-Signature Service portal. Select Prijava v uporabniške strani SI-PASS”.

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2. Select »User name and password«.

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3. Select »New User«.

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4. Fill in the required fields:

  • Email address will act as a username. A message with a confirmation link will be sent to this address to complete the SI-PASS account registration process.
  • Password must be at least 6 characters long and must contain at least one small, large, and numeric character.
  • !!! You will need a security question and an answer if you forget your password and want to reset it. In case you do not have this information, you will need to visit the registration office at the administrative unit to reset your password unless you have a valid digital certificate registered in SI-PASS, which you need to reset your forgotten password.
  • To activate smsPASS, it is necessary to visit the registration office at the administrative unit for personal identification. The SI-PASS account itself will be active after the end of account registration, but will not be associated with your tax number. The connection will be established when smsPASS is activated, after administrative unit completes your smsPASS application with your personal identification. You can view the smsPASS status under "Edit account settings", the status in this step will be "Abort smsPASS acquisition". Which means it is waiting for your personal identification and you can also abort the process. !!! The process of obtaining smsPASS is automatically terminated if you do not visit the registration office at the administrative unit within 30 days.
  • It is necessary to copy the security code and from the image
  • for registration it is necessary to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the SI-PASS system.

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5. Upon registration, you can also choose to obtain a mobile smsPASS login method.

This selection opens the form for additional information required for smsPASS registration. Name, surname, date of birth, tax number and mobile phone number. Copy the security code from the image.

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6. To register and use the SI-PASS account, you must agree with the terms of use.

Confirm the data.

7. You will receive a smsPASS confirmation code in the form of a short message on the telephone number. Copy the code from the message. If you do not receive the verification code, make sure you have entered the correct phone number.

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8. You have received an e-mail with a confirmation link for registering a SI-PASS account.

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9. Select the link to open a window for continuing the registration of the SI-PASS account.

If the link does not open automatically, right-click on the selected link to open the menu. Copy the link and paste it into the selected browser.

Enter the password you set at the beginning.

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10. You have successfully completed the registration of your SI-PASS account. 

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11. To obtain smsPASS, personal identification at the registration office of the administrative unit is required.

When visiting the administrative unit, you must have an identification document with a picture. They will find your application via your EMŠO number, so it is important that you enter the correct tax number, as these two data are linked.

When you visit the administrative unit, you will receive the document "Request for obtaining smsPASS". You can start using smsPASS when application is completed.

You will receive an e-mail address of the completion of the acquisition of smsPASS.