Is the personal information entered in the forms on the SI-TRUST website of the State Trust Services Centre stored?

Information, submitted through forms, is not being stored and is regularly deleted.

Who collects and processes your personal information?

Information provided by users to the application service or with a digitally signed request is collected and processed by:
Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
Trust Service Authority of Slovenia SI-TRUST
Tržaška cesta 21, 1000 Ljubljana

Why do we collect and process personal information?

Personal information is collected and processed for the purpose of issuing digital certificates and other services at the request of the client.
SI-TRUST is the qualified provider of trust services and is managing the SI-TRUST Root issuer, issuer of the SIGEN-CA digital qualified certificates, issuers of SIGOV-CA qualified digital certificates, issuers of SI-PASS-CA digital certificates and issuers of SI-TSA time stamps. It is the custodian of the online login service and the SI-PASS e-signature as well as smsPASS mobile identity.

Which information is collected?

For natural persons:
Name and surname, Social Security Number, personal VAT, type and number of the personal document, street, house number, post and postal code, country, e-mail, password to cancel the certificate, phone number.

For business entities:
Information about the organisation: full name, abridged name. e-mail, phone number, organisation address (street, house number, post and postal code), registration number of the organisation and VAT of the organisation.
Information on the person authorised to submit the application: name, surname, personal VAT, type and number of the personal document.
Information on the person responsible of future holders: name, surname
Information on the future holder: name, surname, personal VAT, Social Security Number, e-mail, type and number of the personal document, password to cancel the certificate.

How do we collect, process and store your information?

A completed and signed request for a service that defines personal information, consent for processing and defined conditions for use, is examined by the registrants of the application service and identified. The registration services operate in accordance with SI-TRUST instructions and collect data within the framework of the activities of the Administrative Units, the Financial Bureau of the Republic of Slovenia and the diplomatic missions and consular posts. The completed applications are entered into the information system, and then sent by mail to SI-TRUST. The registration services do not store your personal information after processing.

The SI-TRUST authorized persons process your requests and prepare information for issuing digital certificates or performance of services. Your information is in the electronic information system during the validity period of the digital certificate or the required availability of the service, and after this period, in accordance with the requirements of the ETSI standard, for further 7 years. For the same period, claims in paper form are also kept, after which they are destroyed by commission.

Who processes your information?

The information is collected and processed by the registrants of the SI-TRUST registration services and authorized persons who are trained to work in accordance with the internal rules and instructions and are authorized to process them. We do not transfer personal data to third parties.

How do we protect your data?

We store all data in accordance with the defined internal rules and policies, which we have established on the basis of the requirements of European and national legislation and standards. Conformity of operation is checked by internal and external assessments.

Who supervises us?

Our management in the field of protection of personal information is supervised by:
Information Commissioner, Zaloška cesta 59, 1000 Ljubljana, e-mail: gp.ip(at), T: 01 230 97 30
Where can I acquire information on the protection of personal information?
Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
Trust Service Authority of Slovenia SI-TRUST
Tržaška cesta 21, 1000 Ljubljana
e-mail: gp.mju(at)
phone number: 01 478 8330

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