Activation information

Future holder gets the required information no later than in 10 working days:

  • an authorisation code (received by regular mail) and
  • a reference number (received by e-mail).

Activation process

Web digital certificate is activated with an authorisation code, a reference number and instruction down below.

Acceptance of certificates is possible with MS Internet Explorer and Firefox. Digital certificates can not be opened with Opera, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge browsers. Also, they can not be activated on smartphones or tablets devices running a mobile operating system.

During the activation process, you will enter or set a password to protect the private key. You should not forget this password, because without it the digital certificate is useless! During this procedure you will accept both SIGEN-CA and SIGOV-CA authority certificates, this is necessary for recognition of of the interior servers.

Activate the Certificate

Instructions for installing certificates on your browser:

Testing the Installation

Digital certificates, installed on your browser, can be viewed in accordance with the following instructions:

To test the installation of digital certificates, we have set up a server for testing, which enables connections only with browsers that have a SIGEN-CA digital certificate.

Test the Certificate

If you logon successfully, this confirms that the installation of digital certificates was correct and successful. You will now be able to communicate with servers (e.g., EUZ), which enable access to those clients, which can be presented with SIGEN-CA digital certificate of the Certification Authority.